2022 University of Alabama Educator Preparation Council
(*Formerly UA Teacher Education Council)

DUTIES: The Council advises the President and Executive Vice President and Provost on matters relating to teacher education. In addition, the Council provides guidance regarding the report of the President’s Commission on Teacher Education.

COMPOSITION: The Council consists of two public school superintendents, the top certification officer for the State, a State Board of Education member, a representative from the Office for Academic Affairs, a Faulty Senate representative, five faculty and administrators from the College of Arts and Sciences, and six faculty and administrators from the College of Education. The majority of representatives from the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education shall be faculty.


Peter Hlebowitsh, Chairperson

Tuscaloosa City Schools Superintendent
Mike Daria

Tuscaloosa County Schools Superintendent
Keri Johnson

State Department of Education
Amanda Inabinett

State Board of Education District 4
Yvette Richardson

State Board of Education District 7
Belinda McRae

Office for Academic Affairs
James Dalton

Faculty Senate Representative
Julie Bannerman

College of Arts and Sciences
Lisa Dorr
Raymond White
Tricia McElroy
Joseph Messina
Utz McKnight
Roger Sidje
Lisa Pawloski

College of Education
Nicole Swoszowski
Miguel Mantero
Liza Wilson
Jonathan Wingo
Michael Sulkowski

College of Engineering 
Jeff Gray

College of Human Environmental Sciences
Stuart Usdan
Robert Laird

School of Library and Information Studies
Steven Yates

College of Continuing Studies
Robert Hayes

Office of Student Services

Emily Sims

*Name officially changed by unanimous vote at the Friday, April 1, 2022 meeting of the UA Educator Preparation Council.