Duties: The committee is created for the purpose of evaluating and making recommendations pertaining to classroom scheduling policy, classroom utilization, and classroom scheduling procedures. The specific purposes of the committee may include the following responsibilities:

  • Evaluate the university’s class and event scheduling policies and recommend changes to the policies, as the committee deems
  • Serve as reviewers and final decision makers on exception requests from departments relating to class scheduling
  • Ensure consistent and equitable application of scheduling policies across all colleges and
  • In conjunction with the Office of the University Registrar, help to set up and monitor class and event scheduling software to include scheduling rules and approval
  • Evaluate and make recommendations regarding the university’s course inventory approval process and timeline as it relates to course scheduling and
  • Review classroom utilization statistics and make recommendations to
  • scheduling policy and/or procedure in order to align with the University’s mission, vision and strategic goals.
  • Review classroom “ownership” to insure classrooms are being used in the most efficient manner.
  • Communicate changes in policy and procedure to all colleges and departments.

Composition: The Committee shall include one representative from each college as appointed by the dean; the Senior Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, as well as a representatives from Finance/Operations and Institutional Research and Assessment. Appointed members shall serve a three-year renewable term. The curriculum and scheduling staff from the Office of the University Registrar shall also serve as members. The Committee is chaired by the Associate University Registrar for Student Services.

The committee should constitute a cross-section of the university community with special emphasis on those involved in academic scheduling to include deans, department chairs, departmental schedulers, etc.

Reporting Channel: Executive Vice President and Provost


Daniel Strickland, Chair

Jim Bailey, Communication & Information Sciences

Ross Bryan, Honors College

Daphne Cain, Social Work

Jennifer Clanton, Office of the University Registrar

Leslie Davis, Human Environmental Sciences

Lisa Dorr, Arts & Sciences

Ken Foshee, Office of the University Registrar

Martha, Griffith, Law School

Luoheng Han, Academic Affairs

Robert Hayes, Continuing Studies

Clifford Henderson, Engineering

Lindsey Jones, Community Health Sciences

Megan Jung, Office of the University Registrar

Lorne Kuffel, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Katie Lupica-Ewsuk, Office of the University Registrar

Kay Palan, Business

Julianna Proctor, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

Mark Shepherd, Finance and Operations

Lisa Tyner, Nursing

Liza Wilson, Education