DUTIES: Recommend to the Vice President for Student Life recipients for the Algernon Sidney Sullivan, the William P. Bloom, the John Ramsey, the Morris Lehman Mayer, the Judy Bonner, and the Catherine J. Randall Awards.

COMPOSITION: This committee, consisting of at least fifteen members, shall include faculty, staff, and student representatives and a representative from the Faculty Senate. In addition, liaison members shall include the Vice President for Advancement, the Senior Associate Vice President for Student Life, or their representatives. The Boards of Directors of both the Morris L. Mayer Award and the John Fraser Ramsey Award shall recommend for appointment to the committee a representative of each respective board who shall serve as a ex officio member of the committee. The board members recommended to serve need not be employees of The University of Alabama.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Vice President for Student Life

Teresa Cribelli, Chair – Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences 2023

Jennifer Becker – Assistant Professor, Communication and Information Sciences 2022

Martha Griffith – Assistant Dean for Administration and Communication, Law  2022

Justin Hart – Professor, Arts and Sciences 2022

Theodore Tomeny – Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences 2022

Lucy Bernard-Brak – Associate Professor, Education 2023

Milla Green –  Coordinator of Co-op, Engineering – 2023

Leslie Wiggins – Arts and Sciences 2023

Allen Linken – Assistant Professor, Arts and Sciences 2023

Bill Bergeron – Assistant Professor, Education 2024

Arleene Breaux – Associate Professor, Education 2024

Ana Corbalan – Professor, Arts and Sciences 2024

Susan Dewey – Professor, Arts and Sciences 2024

Jerran Hill – Director, Student Life 2024

Faculty Senate Representative
Alyx Vesey – Assistant Professor, CIS

Graduate Student Association Representative


Student Membership

Tameron Williams

Jordan Smith

Helen Babb

Kameron Klass

Camryn Shields

Sam Rickert

Ex Officio

Kathleen Cramer – Morris L. Mayer Award Board Representative
Jay Masingill – John Fraser Ramsey Award Board Representative