DUTIES: Advise the President and the University administration on the implementation, revision, and updating of the Campus Master Plan and Campus Landscape Master Plan; review proposed additions and changes to campus physical facilities, particularly for their adherence to the planning and development guidelines established in the Campus Master Plan; and submit recommendations for appropriate action to be taken on these proposals.

COMPOSITION: This committee, consisting of up to eighteen members, shall include seven faculty members, representatives of the staff and local community, a representative of the Faculty Senate, a representative of the Professional Staff Assembly, and a representative of the OCT Staff Assembly.  There shall be three student representatives; one who lives off campus, one who lives in a residence hall, and one who lives in a fraternity or sorority house.  Consideration shall be given to geographic locations on campus in selecting University membership.  Included in the membership in an ex officio capacity are the following:  Academic Affairs Representative, Student Government Representative, Vice President for Community Affairs, and Director of Residential Life.

REPORTING CHANNEL:  President, through Executive Vice President and Provost and Vice President for Financial Affairs


Patrick LeClair – Professor and Chair, Physics & Astronomy  2021

Jeremy Zelkowski – Associate Professor, Curriculum and Instruction 2023

Christa Morris – Administrative Specialist, Office for Academic Affairs 2023

Serena Blount – FTTI, English 2023

Gibran Mancus – Assistant Professor, Nursing 2023

Daan liang – Professor, Engineering 2023

Marysia Galbraith – Associate Professor, Anthropology  2021

Kevin Walker – Head of Assessment, University Libraries  2021

Celeste Thomas – Library Assistant III, University Libraries 2021

Heather Elliott – Professor, Law School 2022

Laura Sanders – Director, Residential Communities 2022

Community Member
Stephen Reinhart

Student Representatives

Robert Henson

Tameron Williams

Grace Evans

Graduate Student Association Member

Alexus Cumbie

Faculty Senate Representative
Jeremy Crawford – Assistant Professor, Arts and Sciences

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Keslie Fendley

OCT Staff Assembly Representative
Ginnifer Carnethon

Ex Officio Members
Matthew Fajack – VP for Financial Affairs

Cheryl Mowdy – AVP for Financial Affairs and Operations

Bob Pierce – VP for Advancement

Cathy Pagani – Associate Dean, Graduate School

Calvin Brown – Director, Alumni Affairs

Tim Leopard, Associate Vice President Planning and Design Management

Lindsey Howard – Assistant Manager, Action Card Services

Gordon MacNeil – Assoc. Prof., Social Work

Ashley Crites – City Planner, City of Tuscaloosa

Matt Kerch (Rep) – Executive Director, Housing & Residential Communities

Lisa Rhiney – Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

Kathleen Cramer – Intrim VP for Student Life

Samory Pruitt – VP for Community Affairs

​Charlie Steinmetz

Demarcus Joiner, SGA President