DUTIES: Advise the University administration, especially the offices of Student Affairs and Financial Affairs, on all matters pertaining to campus safety and security in general, and on student safety and security within and around residence halls, fraternity/sorority houses, recreation facilities, libraries, Ferguson Center, and student parking lots in particular.  Specifically, this committee is responsible for the following:

1. Review, evaluate, and provide recommendations on campus safety and security on the University campus to the University administration;
2. Examine and give feedback on student safety and security awareness programs on a continuing basis;
3. Assess and submit suggestions regarding foot, bicycle, and motor vehicle traffic as well as transportation systems when and where warranted;
4. Evaluate and ensure that appropriate safety infrastructure (lighting, emergency phones, etc.) is available and operational.

COMPOSITION:  This committee shall consist of seventeen voting members.  Faculty and staff members will include three faculty and two staff representatives, a Faculty Senate representative, a Professional Staff Assembly representative, an OCT Staff Assembly representative, a Student and Campus Life Committee faculty representative, and a Retired Faculty/Staff representative.  Student members will include two representatives from Greek Affairs, a Residence Hall Association representative (Men’s), a Residence Hall Association representative (Women’s), a Student Government Association representative, and two Graduate Student Association representatives, for a total of seven.  There shall be eleven ex officio members.  ex officio members will include a University Department of Public Safety representative, the Risk Management & Special Projects Director, a Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS) representative, Office of Student Development representative, Housing and Residential Communities representative, Building/Grounds/Maintenance Department representative, Facilities Planning and Design Services representative, Women’s Resource Center Director, Office of Health and Safety representative, and the Director of Health Promotions and Wellness.  The chairperson of the committee shall be chosen from the at-large faculty representatives.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Vice President for Student Life


Laura Thomas – Assistant Director, Intramural and Club Sports 2023

Julianne Coleman – Professor of Literacy 2023

Cailin Kerch – Clinical Assistant Professor 2023

Juanita McMath – Assistant Professor, Human Environmental Sciences 2024

Randy Easterling – Safety Program Supervisor, Continuing Studies 2022

Faculty Senate Representative
Brittany Gilmer – Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences

Faculty Representative from Student and Campus Life Committee

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Carleen Johnson

OCT Staff Assembly Representative

Retired Faculty/Staff Representative
Ray Gowhari

Graduate Student Association Representative

Kelsi Long

Quin Kelly

Student Members

Harrison Howell – Greek

Jacob Wood – RA

Mary Miller – RA

Madeline Martin – SGA

Ex-officio Members
Matthew Kerch – Director of Housing Operations
Bryant Anderson – Bldg/Grounds/Maintenance Dept. Rep.
Paula Perry – Assoc. Director, Office of Student Conduct
John Hooks – Sergeant, University Police Department
Kaci McDonald – Risk Control and System Management
Elle Shaaban-Magana – Director, Women’s Resource Center
Delynne Wilcox – Office of Health & Safety representative
Rhonda Stricklin – Designee for Director, Center for Advanced Public Safety
Carolyn MacVicker – Manager of Wellness and Work Life
Bonner Lee – Planning and Design Services Rep.

*The Student & Campus Life Committee representative will be determined during the fall semester.