DUTIES: Recruit or otherwise identify, nominate, advise, interview and, when required, endorse competitive undergraduate and graduate students for national and international external awards. These include but are not limited to Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Truman, Goldwater, Gates-Cambridge, Churchill, Clarendon, Boren, Udall, and Critical Languages Scholarships. Recommend to the Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs improved methods of recruiting, advising, nominating, and supporting candidates for these and similar external award programs.

COMPOSITION: The Director of the Office of External Scholarships and Fellowships chairs the Committee. The Executive Vice President & Provost or their designee appoints the committee’s membership. Members are appointed for a three-year renewable term. The Committee Chair will form subcommittees as needed to handle different categories of awards, e.g., international, national security, NSF and STEM scholarships, UK scholarships, Asia scholarships, etc.

Broad membership from across The University of Alabama faculty is desirable for recruitment of diverse, competitive student applicants. To that end, ten (10) members will be broadly representative of the University’s faculty. In addition to these, the Committee will include one appointed member from each of the following (6): Honors College, Capstone International, the Blount Scholars Program, the Graduate Council, the Undergraduate Council, and the Faculty Senate. Campus Representatives for specific awards (Fulbright, Rhodes, Truman, Marshall, Mitchell, Gilman, etc.) serve as permanent ex officio members.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Executive Vice President and Provost

Tara Williams – Interim Committee Chair, Honors College Dean

Tara Mock – Africana Studies, Honors, Assistant Professor (2020-2023)

Fred Whiting – Blount, English, Associate Professor (2020-2023)

Megan Wagner – Capstone International Center (2020-2023)

Jenny Shaw – Graduate Council, History, Associate Professor (2020-2023)

Beth Todd – Undergraduate Council, Mechanical Engineering, Associate Professor (2020-2023)

Joy Burnham – Faculty Senate, Counselor Education, Professor (2020-2023)

Lucy Kaufman – History, Assistant Professor (2020-2023)

Stan Westjohn – Marketing & International Business, Associate Professor (2020-2023)

Angela Benson – Educational Leadership, Policy, and Technology Studies, Professor (2020-2023)

John Kim – Chemical and Biological Engineering, Associate Professor (2020-2023)

Jeff Gray – Computer Science, Professor (2020-2023)

Katrina Ramonell – Biological Sciences, Associate Professor (2020-2023)

Kabe Moen – Mathematics, Associate Professor (2020-2023)

John Yoder – Biological Sciences, Associate Professor (2020-2023)

Debra Nelson-Gardell – Social Work, Associate Professor (2020-2023)

Paul Hubner – Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, Professor (2020-2023)

Tayler Kent (Boren, CLS) – Capstone International Center (Permanent Ex Officio Member)

Carolina Robinson (Gilman) – Director, Education Abroad (Permanent Ex Officio Member)

Carmen Mayer (Marshall, Mitchell, Truman) – French, Associate Professor (Permanent Ex Officio Member)

Brad Tuggle (Rhodes, Gates Cambridge) – English, Honors, Associate Professor (Permanent Ex Officio Member)

Beverly Hawk (Fulbright) (Permanent Ex Officio Member)

Matthew Feminella (Fulbright) – German, Assistant Professor (Permanent Ex Officio Member)

Heath Turner (Goldwater) – Chemical and Biological Engineering, Professor (Permanent Ex Officio Member)

Monica Watkins (Udall) – Biological Sciences, Arboretum Director (Permanent Ex Officio Member)