DUTIES: The Committee shall make recommendations to the President on the organization, membership, and duties of assigned standing committees, review and recommend any needed committee composition description changes as part of its annual duties, and ensure that the committee compositions it recommends conform to the descriptions given in The University of Alabama Standing Committees document. In addition, this committee shall be a resource for committee chairs.

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of five faculty and four staff members, a Faculty Senate representative, a Professional Staff Assembly representative, an OCT Staff Assembly member, and a student representative. The chairperson will be a faculty member chosen from the membership. New faculty members are nominated by the Faculty Senate. The CUC Chair will provide a list of faculty interested in service on the CUC to the Faculty Senate President prior to the Senate’s February meeting. The Senate may select nominees from the list of interested faculty or provide its own candidates. The Senate President will communicate the Senate’s choices to the CUC Chair prior to the staffing meeting in March. In addition, the following ex officio members shall serve in a communications and advisory capacity: Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Executive Vice President and Provost.  The chair of the committee is elected by the full voting committee membership from the pool of continuing faculty members on the committee. The election takes place at the final meeting of the spring semester, with the new Chair assuming his/her duties at the end of spring semester.

REPORTING CHANNEL: President, through Executive Vice President and Provost


JoAnn Oliver, Interim Chair

Barbara Dahlbach, Co-Chair – Annex Services Librarian, University Libraries 2022

Jair Lizarazo-Adarme – Research Engineer, College of Engineering 2022

Marina Klaric – Archival Technician 2023

Jake Gipson – Transfer Recruiter, Undergraduate Admissions 2023

Laurie Bonnici – Associate Professor, SLIS   2021

Felecia Wood – Professor, Nursing   2021

Vanessa Goepel – Director, Office of Disability Services 2021

Martin Evans – Professor, Arts and Sciences 2022

Jean-Luc Robin – Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences 2022

Student Member

Price Dukes

Graduate Student Association Representative

Jennifer Bagget

Faculty Senate Representative
John Vincent – Professor, Chemistry

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Amelia  Brock

OCT Staff Assembly Representative

Mariel Knight

Ex Officio Members

Jim Dalton – Provost

Nancy Whittaker – Assoc VP for Human Resources

Christa Morris, Administrative Specialist, Office for Academic Affairs

Web Resource and Integration Analyst