DUTIES: The University Conflict of Interest Committee serves as a resource with respect to matters involving conflicts of interest and the identification and management, mitigation, or elimination of specific conflicts of interest. The committee will work with the investigators and Research Compliance Officer to resolve potential or apparent conflicts of interest by implementing reasonable controls which are commensurate with the potential for conflict. The committee will also provide oversight for implementation of the Policy on Conflict of Interest and recommend to the Vice President for Research and Provost all future changes/modifications to the Policy.

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of four faculty members experienced with the administration of Federal Grants/Contracts appointed by the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs (one of whom shall serve as chairperson), the Associate Deans for Research in the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Community Health Sciences, College of Commerce and Business Administration, and College of Engineering. A Faculty Senate representative will also serve on the committee. The Research Compliance Officer and a member of the University’s Office of Counsel will serve as liaison (non-voting) members.

Reporting Channel: Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Chairperson – Jason DeCaro
David Cordes – Professor, Computer Science
Walt Robbins – Professor, Accountancy
John Wiest – Associate Dean for Research, Engineering
Ray White – Associate Dean for Research, A&S
Sam Addy – Director, Center for Business & Economic Research

Faculty Senate Representative
Todd DeZoort – Durr-Fillauer Chair in Business Ethics and Professor of Accounting, Culverhouse College of Business

Liaison Members
Jaren Miller – Office of Counsel
Tanta Myles – Director of Research Compliance & Research Compliance Officer