DUTIES: The Core Curriculum Oversight Committee is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the core curriculum and to interpret it when changes are deemed appropriate. The Oversight Committee has the power to grant, deny, or revoke appropriate designations to courses proposed by the various divisions as part of the Core Curriculum.

The Oversight Committee also is empowered to appoint subcommittees to consider various categories of courses and to call in additional faculty and students for advice when their expertise is needed. Decisions of the Oversight Committee are subject to the approval of and may be appealed to the Office for Academic Affairs and the President.

COMPOSITION: The Core Curriculum Oversight Committee (CCOC) consists of the following voting members: at least twelve faculty members chosen by the Office for Academic Affairs after consultation with the Academic Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate, one representative of the Faculty Senate appointed by that body, plus a number of students equal to the number of CCOC subcommittees, to be appointed by the Student Government Association Academic Affairs Committee. For the sake of continuity, the faculty members appointed by the Office for Academic Affairs will serve three year terms scheduled so that one-third of this group is replaced each year. The faculty members must be selected so that each undergraduate division on campus is represented by at least one voting member of the CCOC. The Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and a representative of the Office of Academic Records shall serve as non-voting members.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Executive Vice President and Provost


  • Cory Armstrong, Chair – Professor/Chair, Journalism & Creative Media, CCIS 2020
  • Jeremy Bailin – Associate Professor, Dept of Physics and Astronomy, A&S 2019
  • Allison Curington – Instructor and Director of Field Education, Social Work 2022
  • Kari Frederickson – Professor, History, A&S 2021
  • Josh Little – Instructor, CCB 2021
  • Lorraine Madway – Professor/Associate Dean, Libraries 2022
    Joyce Meyer – Instructor, CCB 2022
    Morgan Milstead – Instructor, HES 2021
  • Mercy Mumba – Assistant Professor, Nursing 2022
  • Erin O’Rourke – Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Classics, A&S 2020
  • Ariane Prohaska – Associate Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice, A&S 2021
  • Regina Range – Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, A&S 2020
  • Kenneth Ricks – Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Engineering 2021
  • Lawrence Roberts – Associate Professor, Mathematics, A&S 2021
  • Jonathan Shemwell – Assoc. Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Education 2022
    Rachel Stephens – Assistant Professor, Art and Art History, A&S 2020
    Nicole Swoszowski – Associate Professor, Education 2021
    Stephen Tedeschi – Associate Professor, English, A&S 2021
  • Chris Whaley – Instructor, CCB 2020
  • Keith Williams – Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering 2020
  • Derek Williamson – Associate Professor, Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering, Engineering 2022

Faculty Senate Representative
Sundar Krishnan, Associate Professor, Engineering

Student Members
Sam Rickert
Sterling Dozier
Will Henson
Abigail Gorbet

Liaison Members
Ginger Bishop – Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Daniel Strickland – Associate University Registrar
Mary Ellen Hanna – Senior Associate University Registrar
Robert Hayes – Associate Dean, CCS
Katie Lupica-Ewsuk – Assistant University Registrar
W. Ross Bryan – Assistant Dean, Honors College