DUTIES: Advise the Office for Academic Affairs (OAA) on matters pertaining to academic policy and administration; serve as a channel for communication among the academic divisions and between the OAA and the various academic divisions.

COMPOSITION: This Council shall include Assistant and Associate Deans from each academic division. The Director and/or Associate Directors from Admissions, CCSS, CIC, Dean of Students, ODS, OIE, OIT and OUR will serve as ex officio members. The Council is chaired by the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Executive Vice President and Provost

Dr. Luoheng Han, Chair

Arts and Sciences
Lisa Lindquist-Dorr
Tricia McElroy
Lisa Pawloski
Roger Sidje
Raymond White
Albert Pionke

College of Commerce
Samuel Addy
James Cochran

Joann Hale
James King
Sharif Melouk
David Mothersbaugh

Damion Waymer
Kim Bissell
William Evans
Sara Hartley
Suzanne Horsley

Community Health Sciences
Caroline Boxmeyerer
Martha R. Crowther
Grier Stewart
Thad Ulzen
Thomas Weida

Continuing Studies

Amanda Ingram

Victoria Lewis

David Hardy
Liza Wilson
Emily Sims

Viola Acoff

Edward Back

Tim Haskew

Graduate School
Andrew Goodliffe
Andre Denham

Honors College
Ross Bryan

Cassandra Smith

Valerie Tisdale

Human Environmental Sciences
Jeremy Henderson
Jeannine Lawrence
Deidre Leaver-Dunn
Melissa Wilmarth

Claude Arrington
Casey Duncan
Alan Durham
Anita Kay Head
Grace Lee
Glory McLaughlin
Dan Powell
Candice Robbins
Megan Walsh


Robin Bartlett

Michelle Cheshire

Patricia Carter
Michele Montgomery

Social Work
Sebrena Jackson

Nicole Ruggiano

University Libraries

Michael Arthur

Emily Decker

Lorraine Madway

LTC James Lambersten

LTC James Horn

Ex officio Members
Ginger Bishop
Ken Foshee
Ivon Foster
Vanessa Goepel
Mary Ellen Hanna

Amy Hutton
Kat Gillan
Denny Savage
Daniel Strickland
Teresa Wise

Ruperto Perez