DUTIES: Advise the Office for Academic Affairs (OAA) on matters pertaining to academic policy and administration and serve as a channel for communication among the academic divisions and between the OAA and the various academic divisions.

COMPOSITION: Deans from each academic division

REPORTING CHANNEL: Executive Vice President and Provost


College of Arts and Sciences
Joseph Messina

College of Commerce 
Kay Palan

College of Communication
Mark Nelson

College of Community Health Sciences
Richard Friend

College of Continuing Studies
Jonathon Halbeslaben

College of Education
Peter Hlebowitsh

College of Engineering
Charles Karr

Graduate School
Susan Carvalho

Honors College
Ken Fridley, Interim

College of Human Environmental Sciences
Stuart Usdan

Law School
Mark Brandon

Capstone College of Nursing
Suzanne Prevost

School of Social Work
Leslie Reid, Intrim

University Libraries
Don Gilstrap