DUTIES: Provide advice to the President on University policies and practices related to equal employment opportunity and equal educational opportunity.

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of no more than fourteen members and include representatives from the faculty, staff, students, the Faculty Senate, the Professional Staff Assembly, and the OCT Staff Assembly. In addition, the University Compliance Officer shall serve as ex officio and a ex officio group composed of appropriate administrators will work with this committee.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Executive Vice President and Provost


Amy Salazar, Chair – Director, First Year Experience 2022

Gina Stamm  – Assistant Professor, Arts and Sciences 2022

Brittany Gregg – Assistant Director, Disability Services 2023

Juan Black Romero – Instructor, Arts and Sciences 2023

Cindy Channell – Associate Registrar, Arts and Sciences 2023

Erika Washburn – Business Analyst, Engineering 2022

Kim Colburn – Instructor, Arts and Sciences 2024

Student Members

Lauren Gilonske

Trinity Hunter

Graduate Student Association Representative

Amber Scales

Faculty Senate Representative
Sheila Black – Associate Professor, Psychology

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Erika Manora-Frazier

OCT Staff Assembly Representative
Darcel Green
Ex Officio Member
Marcy Huey, University Compliance Officer