DUTIES: Advise the Vice President for Financial Affairs on University benefit programs. Keep the faculty and staff informed as to the current status of these programs.

COMPOSITION: This committee consists of eighteen representatives of the University faculty and staff from all divisions, a graduate student, a Faculty Senate representative, a Professional Staff Assembly representative, an OCT Staff Assembly representative, a Facilities & Maintenance representative, a retired faculty member, and a retired staff member. In addition, the Director of the Wellness and Health Promotion Program, the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, the Director of Government Relations, and the Manager of Benefits shall serve as ex officio members.

REPORTING CHANNEL:  Vice President for Finance and Operations


Rainer Schad, Chair – Professor, Physics & Astronomy   2021

Jim Bailey – College of Communication and Information Sciences 2023

Donna McCall – Field Education Specialist, School of Social Work 2023

Tim Battocletti – Renovation Team Superintendent 2023

Michelle Reedy – Office Manager, Office of Disability Services 2023

Bob L. Johnson – Professor, College of Education  2023

Darrell Hargreaves – Associate Director, Facility Operations and Event   2021

Joseph Phelps – Professor, Advertising & Public Relations   2021

Alison Hooper – Assistant Professor, Education 2022

Valerie Trull – Business Analyst, Social Work 2022

Sara Kaylor – Assistant Professor, Nursing 2022

Allison Arendale – CFO and Director of Financial Affairs, CCHS 2022

Pamela Payne-Foster – Deputy Director and Associate Professor, CCHS 2022

Tatiana Summers – Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences 2022

Paul Brothers – Business Reference Librarian, University Libraries 2022

Camisha Adams – Information Technology Specialist IV, Business Information and Tech Services 2022

Denise Desalvo – Instructor, Human Environmental Sciences 2022

Lensey Shaw – Administrative Assistant, Vice President for Student Life 2022

Faculty Senate Representative
Rona Donahoe – Professor, Geological Sciences

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Matt Skinner

OCT Staff Assembly Representative
Angel Narvaez-Lugo

Facilities & Maintenance Representative
Paul Wuebold

Retired Faculty Member
Mildred Switzer – TUARA Representative

Retired Staff Member

Pam Pruitt

Graduate Student
Sean Finch

Ex Officio Members
Sandra Abrams – Manager of Benefits
Nancy Whittaker –  Associate VP for Human Resources
Jay Haley – Manager, Promotion and Wellness
​Clay Ryan – Vice Chancellor for Governmental Affairs