DUTIES: Express provision is set forth in the Faculty Handbook for monitoring the effectiveness of and for recommending any changes as might become desirable in the policies and guidelines for faculty participation in the selection of deans and departmental chairpersons and in the evaluation of academic programs.  A committee of deans, departmental chairpersons, and faculty shall be charged with (1) monitoring the effectiveness of the existing policies on faculty participation, (2) offering proposals for changes in the mechanism for faculty participation for consideration by the University community, (3) screening proposals for change from other sources, and (4) coordinating discussions and study by the faculty, deans, chairpersons, and the Central Administration of any proposed changes prior to their approval by the President.

COMPOSITION: The members of this committee shall consist of two deans, two departmental chairpersons, and four faculty members (selected by a list provided by the Faculty Senate), as well as a representative from the Faculty Senate.  A faculty member will chair the committee.  The Assistant Academic Vice President shall serve as an ex officio member.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Executive Vice President and Provost

Peter Hlebowitsh – Dean, Education 2016
Milla Boschung – Dean, HES

Departmental Chairs
Tim Haskew – Department Chair, Engineering
Ray White – Department Chair, Physics

Patricia Parmelee – Professor, Arts & Sciences, Psychology 2016
Russ McCutcheon – Professor, Religious Studies, 2015
Joy Burnham – Professor, College of Education 2017

Faculty Senate Representative
John B. Vincent – Professor, Chemistry

Ex Officio Member
Patricia Sobecky – Associate Provost for Academic Affairs