DUTIES: Review, evaluate, and provide recommendations to the Provost/Academic Vice President on proposals for new graduate programs, and on existing programs on a continuing basis; promote quality in graduate programs; develop University-wide policies on graduate students; develop policies on financial aid for graduate students and develop agenda for graduate faculty meetings.

COMPOSITION: Consists of faculty members elected by the graduate faculty within each college or school providing graduate programs on the basis of one member for each ten percent or major fraction of graduate faculty membership and of graduate student enrollment (each unit has at least one). The Dean of the Graduate School shall serve as chairperson. Six faculty members and two graduate students are appointed by the President’s Office on recommendation of the Dean of the Graduate School. One faculty member is appointed by the Faculty Senate. The following shall serve as ex officio members: Executive Vice President/Provost and Dean of University Libraries.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Executive Vice President and Provost

Susan Carvalho, Chair – Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate School
​Kevin Whitaker – Interim Provost
Bryant Abbott -College of Education, ESPRMC 2019
Ajay Agrawal – Engineering, Mech Engineering 2020
Arthur “Buster”Allaway – CBA, Marketing 2021
Marco Bonizzoni – Arts and Sciences, Chemistry 2020
Joy Burnham – College of Education, ESPRMC 2017
Keisha Cook – Arts and Sciences, Math 2019
Lucy Curzon – Arts and Sciences, Art & Art History 2020
Mary Alice “Lisa” Davis – Arts and Sciences, Geography 2018
William Evans – College of Communication, Telecom & Film 2019
Tom Fitzgibbon – CBA, Accounting 2021
Andrew Graettinger — Engineering, Civil, Const & Env. Eng 2019
Ann Graves – College of Nursing 2019
Peter Harms – CBA, Management 2021
Karri Holley – College of Education, ELPTS 2020
Janie Hubbard College of Education, C&I 2021
Sebrena Jackson – School of Social Work, Social Work 2021
Linda Knol – HES, Human Nutrition  2018
Aaron Kuntz – College of Education, ESPRMC 2021
Amy Lang – Engineering, Aerospace Eng & Mechanics 2019
Deidre Leaver-Dunn – HES, Health Science 2021
Jeffrey Lozier – Arts and Sciences, Biology 2020
Steven MacCall – CIS, SLIS 2021
Alice March – College of Nursing, Nursing 2021
Carmen Mayer – Arts and Sciences, Modern Languages & Classics 2021
Mary Meares – College of Communication, Comm Studies 2019
Sharif Melouk – College of Commerce, ISSMS 2018
Angelia Paschal – HES, Health Science 2019
Raheem Paxton – CHS, Community Medicine 2021
Joshua Pierce – CBA, EFLS 2021
​Albert Pionke – Arts and Sciences, English 2019
Daniel L. Riches — Arts and Sciences, History 2017
Cecil Robinson – CHS, Dean’s Office 2021
Ranier Robinson CBA, Accounting 2019
Jenny Shaw – Arts and Sciences, History 2021
Steve Shepard – Engineering, Mech Engineering 2020
Brenda Smith – School of Social Work, Social Work 2020
Amanda (Amy)Thompson – HES, Clothing, Textiles & Interior Design 2021
Debra Whisenant – College of Nursing 2019
Dawn Williams – Arts and Sciences, Physics 2019
Vivian Wright – College of Education, ELPTS 2019
Mesut Yavuz – CBA, ISSMS 2020

Susan Carvalho – Associate Provost, Dean, Graduate School
Donald Gilstrap – Dean, University Libraries

Shelby Brooks – GSA Rep

Shanlin Pan – Arts and Sciences, Chemistry