DUTIES: Assist the Director of the Office of Environmental and Health Services, and advise the President in the development of a safe and healthful environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Emphasize the correction and prevention of safety and health hazards in the University community, as well as strict compliance with externally established standards and guidelines.

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of the chairpersons of the area/program safety committees, a student representative, and a Faculty Senate representative. In addition, the following shall serve as liaison members of the committee: Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs – Administration, Safety Coordinator for Environmental Health and Safety, Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Senior Facility Analyst.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Assistant Vice President for Public Safety through Director, Office of Environmental Health Services

Donald Keith, Chairperson – Director, Emergency Preparedness
Nidia Spence – College of Commerce
John Chambers – Graduate School
Joy Sherman – University Advancement
Melanie O’Rear – Education
– Nursing
​- Law
Luoheng Han – Arts & Sciences
Bill McDonald – Athletics
John Sikes – Continuing Studies
– Social Work

Student Member
Hope Methvin

Faculty Senate Representative
Andrea Wright, Associate Professor, Libraries

Liaison Members
Christy Herron – Safety Coordinator, Environmental Health & Safety
Mark Shepherd – Senior Facility Analyst
Nancy Whittaker – Associate VP for Human Resources