DUTIES: Serve as a focal point for awareness of human relations at the University. Review activities and initiatives on campus and disseminate information to the appropriate standing committees. Assist the committees in their efforts to improve human relations and help them coordinate activities across the campus as deemed advisable.

COMPOSITION: The committee shall consist of the following members: Director, Crossroads Community Center; Chairperson, Equal Opportunity Committee; Chairperson, Undergraduate Programs and Services Committee;  Chairperson, Student and Campus Life Committee; Chairperson, International Education Committee; President, Black Faculty and Staff Association; Chair, Gender and Race Studies; Associate Dean of Students; and Director, International Students and Scholars Services. The liaison members will be Vice President for Community Affairs and the Assistant Provost for International Education & Global Outreach.

Student Members will be: President, International Student Association; President, SGA; President, National Pan-Hellenic Council; and President, Black Student Union. Included in the membership shall be a Faculty Senate representative and three community representatives.



Lane McLelland – Director, Crossroad Community Center
Ralph Hooper – Chair, Equal Opportunity Committee
Stephanie Turner – Chair, Undergraduate Programs and Services
Lacy Sellars – Chair, Student and Campus Life
Tricia McElroy – Chair, International Education Committee
Pamela Payne-Foster – Black Faculty and Staff Association
Utz McKnight – (Rep) Chair, Gender and Race Studies
Stacey Jones – Associate Dean of Students
Charter Morris – Director, International Students and Scholars Services

Samory Pruitt – VP for Community Affairs
Teresa Wise – Associate Provost, International Education & Global Outreach

Student Members

Madeline Martin – President, Student Government Association
Cherie White – President, National Pan-Hellenic Council
Anthony Williams II – President, Black Student Union
Omid Reyhanigalangashi – President, International Student Association

Faculty Senate Representative
Thomas Herwig – Assistant Professor, Honors College

Community Representatives
Creighton Alexander
Lisa Besnoy
Penny Ford