DUTIES: 1. Actively participate in forming an engaging, proactive information technology vision for the University of Alabama.  2. Facilitate communication to/from faculty, staff, students, and other IT Governance committees and OIT on information technology issues.  3. Provide feedback and input on information technology initiatives on campus. 4. Study, review, and recommend to the Provost/Executive Vice President and the Vice Provost for Information Technology policies and implementation plans related to information technology on the campus with particular attention given to the instructional and research needs of faculty, staff, and students.

COMPOSITION: The committee shall consist of twenty voting members.  Membership will include nine faculty members, five professional staff members, three students (2 undergraduate, 1 graduate) from diverse academic divisions, a Faculty Senate representative, a Professional Staff Assembly representative, and an OCT Staff Assembly representative.  The Provost/Executive Vice President shall appoint one department chair as a committee member.  One representative from the Office of the Vice Provost for Information Technology will serve in an ex-officio, non-voting role.  The chairperson of the committee shall be a faculty member.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Vice Provost for Information Technology

Heath Turner, Chair – Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering 2021

John Burgess –  Assistant Professor,  Library and Information Studies 2021

Kate Matheny – Reference Coordinator, University Libraries 2023

Erin O’Rourke – Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics 2023

Nathan Loewen – Assistant Professor, Religious Studies 2023

Michael Koontz – Instructor, English 2023

Tracie Sellers – Manager for Technology Services, College of Education 2023

Curt Ward – Associate Director, Course Materials and Tradebooks  2023

Marco Bonizzoni – Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry 2021

Lacee Nisbett – eLearning and HMS Administrator  2023

Christopher Davis – Associate Director, Supply Store Bryant Dr 2021

Cassandra Ford – Nursing  2021

Jennifer Roth-Burnette – Director of Academic Support, Capstone Center for Student Success 2023

Laura Gentry – Assistant Professor, University Libraries 2023

Undergraduate Student Representatives

Graduate Student Representative

Genoah Collins

Faculty Senate Representative
Greg Cottrell – MIS, Business

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Jake Schwartz

OCT Staff Assembly Representative
Clo Patton – Human Environmental Sciences

Ex Officio Members
Ruth Pionke – Senior Information Officer for A&S

Kenneth Foshee – University Registrar

Ivon Foster-McGowan – OIT Instructional Technology

Milo Crabtree, Procurement Services

Joseph Messina – Dean, Arts and Science