DUTIES: The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has oversight of animals used by any University employee or visiting scholar for research, teaching, or exhibitions and acts to ensure that current policies and procedures are followed concerning the humane care, welfare and use of laboratory animals as set forth Animal Welfare Regulations (9 CFR Ch 1. § 2.32), the Guide for the care and Use of Laboratory Animals, AALAC accreditation standards and OLAW standards.

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of three or more members appointed from the faculty and staff upon the recommendation of pertinent deans and a Faculty Senate representative. Included in this membership, the following shall serve as voting members: (Some members may serve in more than one capacity, but no more than three members may represent the same University department.) A representative from the Office for Research Compliance; Dean of Arts and Sciences or representative; the attending veterinarian; Director of the Animal Care Facility; Assistant Director, Office of Environmental Health and Safety or representative; and a member of the local community not affiliated with the University. The Associate Vice President for Research shall have administrative oversight of the IACUC. These members form the Assurance Committee which is required and confirmed by the federal government. Faculty shall be appointed for rotating two year terms, with the availability of renewal.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Phil Harris, Chair – Associate Professor, Biology
Luoheng Han – Associate Provost, Academic Affairs
Vincent Scalfani – Science & Engineering Librarian
Carpantato “Tanta” Myles – Director and Research Compliance Officer, Office for Research Compliance
Darren Moss – Biological Safety Manager, Environmental Health and Safety
Scott White – Veterinarian
Kim Lackey – Optical Analysis Facilities Coordinator, Biological Sciences
James Ramage – Manager, Animal Care Facility

Faculty Senate Representative
John Yoder – Associate Professor, A&S

Community Representative
John Isaac

Phillip M. Smith – Assistant Director, Animal Services, Veterinarian
Glenda Davis – Assistant Director, Office for Research Compliance
Andrea Davidson – Chemical Safety Manager, Environmental Health & Safety