DUTIES: The Institutional Biological Safety Committee (IBSC) was originally established in order to conform to National Institute of Health (NIH) guidelines. The IBSC is now involved in the oversight of all projects involving infectious agents and recombinant DNA. The responsibilities of the IBSC are: to review the use of Class 1 and 2 biohazardous agents; to review and approve the use of Class 3 agents; to select agents and recombinant DNA; to review the Biological Safety Program annually to determine if the program is effective and compliant with regulations; to advise the Institutional Biological Safety Officer (IBSO) and support the biological safety program; to assist the IBSO with enforcement of regulations and guidelines; and to advise the Vice President for Research.

COMPOSITION: The committee consists of no fewer than five members from the faculty and staff who fulfill requirements listed under Section IV-B-2-a of the NIH Guidelines. In addition, NIH requires that the membership include the Institutional Biosafety Officer and two non-affiliated community members. A Faculty Senate representative is a member of the committee, and a representative from the Office of Counsel serves as liaison. Members of the committee are appointed by the President upon the recommendation of the Institutional Biological Safety Officer and are subject to approval by the Office of Biotechnology Activities at the National Institute of Health.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Kristie Crowe-White, Chair – Associate Professor, Nutrition & Hospitality Management
Matt Jenny – Biological Sciences
Christina L. Staudhammer – Biological Sciences
Carpantanto “Tanta” Myles – Director & Research Compliance Officer
Yuping Bao – Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering
John Wiest – Assistant Dean, Engineering
John Wingo – Kinesiology
Darren Moss – Biological Safety Manager, EHS

Faculty Senate Representative
Clara Rebecca Owings – Assistant Professor, Nursing

Community Members
Jeff Hinton
Ollie Kelly


Mike Spearing – Office of Counsel