DUTIES: Assist the President in the formulation of policy for intercollegiate athletics. In carrying out its duties, the committee shall provide oversight for all aspects of the intercollegiate athletics program. Oversight shall include but not be limited to: the Athletics Department’s mission statement; periodic review of Student-Athletes Handbook, Compliance Manual; compliance with NCAA and SEC rules and regulations; academic services, admissions profiles and graduation rates; financial affairs; gender equity and equal opportunity policies and practices; coach/student-athlete relationships and discipline; competitive event scheduling; student-athlete exit interviews; and general reputation of the athletics program.

COMPOSITION: This committee, appointed by the President, shall consist of 11 voting members: a total of six faculty, including the Faculty Senate Representative and the Faculty Athletics Representative (who serves as chair), a Professional Staff Assembly representative, an OCT Staff Assembly representative, a retired faculty/staff representative, two student athlete representatives (one male and one female). In addition, there will be nine ex officio members: Director of Alumni Affairs, Member of the Board of Trustees, President of the Faculty Senate, President of the SGA, Vice President for Student Life, Associate Provost, University Registrar, member of the Tuscaloosa community, and Vice President for Financial Affairs. The four non-designated faculty positions will be nominated by the CUC and serve three-year terms. The Athletic Director and the Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator shall serve as ex officio members.



CHAIR: James King – Professor, Business, Faculty Athletics Representative
John Giggie – Associate Professor, A&S 2024
Chris Roberts – Associate Professor, C&IS 2024
Jason Scofield – Associate Professor, HES 2025

Jeri Zemke – Assistant Professor, HES 2026

Faculty Senate Representative
Steven Yates – Associate Professor, C&IS

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Jair Lizarazo Adarme

OCT Staff Assembly Representative
Allyson Holliday

Retired Faculty/Staff Member
Mike Spearing

Tuscaloosa Community Representative

Thomas Dedrick

Student Athlete Representatives

Jace Jones (Male)

Sydney Orefice (Female)

Ex Officio

Calvin Brown – Director, Alumni Affairs

Scott Phelps – Member, Board of Trustees

Ken Foshee – University Registrar

Steven Hood – Vice President, Student Life

Luoheng Han, Associate Provost, Academic Affairs

Adam Tate – Director of Budgets – VP of Financial Affairs

Collier Dobbs – President, SGA

Matthew Hudnall – President, Faculty Senate

Greg Byrne – Athletics Director

Karin Lee – Senior Woman Administrator

Mike Ward – Senior Associate Athletic Director