DUTIES: Serve as a screening committee to review course proposals and to recommend courses offered each year by the Interim Program. Advise the Director of the Interim Program and the Office for Academic Affairs on matters concerning Interim Program policies and procedures.

COMPOSITION: This committee consists of representatives from each school and college, appointed by their respective deans and a Faculty Senate representative. It is chaired by the Director of the Interim Program.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Executive Vice President and Provost

Kevin Whitaker, Chair – Provost, Academic Affairs
Brenda Hunter, Co-chair – Associate University Registrar, Academic Affairs
Alice March – Assistant Dean, Nursing
Javonda Williams – Program Chair, Social Work
Jonathon Halbesleben – College of Commerce
Beth Bennett –  Senior Associate Dean, C&IS
Ken Foshee – University Registrar
Kristy Pritchett – Director, Receivables & Collections
Jacqueline Morgan – Associate Dean, Honors College
Brook Hubner – Senior Registrar, CCHS
Vicki Peeples – Assistant Dean, HES
Cathy Pagani – Associate Dean, Graduate School
Liza Wilson – Senior Associate Dean, Education
Claude Arrington –  Associate Dean, School of Law
Ken Fridley – Associate Dean, Engineering
Tricia McElroy – Associate Dean, Arts & Sciences
Tom Wilson – Associate Dean, University Libraries
Judy Thorpe – Director, Disability Services

Faculty Senate Representative
Barbara Dahlbach – Associate Professor, University Libraries