DUTIES: Assist the administration in promoting, supporting, and encouraging the international life of the campus and the enhancement of the overseas experiences of UA students, as well as the enrichment of the on-campus experiences of UA international students. The IEC accomplishes this mission through promoting awareness of and advocacy for international activities, both curricular and co-curricular, at The University of Alabama. The committee will review and support international activities at the individual college level, as well as identify opportunities to contribute to the overall growth of international education and global awareness for students, staff, and faculty of The University of Alabama.

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of one faculty representative from each of the following colleges and schools: (Representation will be selected by the Committee on University Committees, with consultation with the Deans when necessary) Arts & Sciences, Commerce and Business Administration, Communication and Information Sciences, Community Health Sciences, Education, Engineering, Honors, Human Environmental Sciences, Law, Nursing and Social Work. Other faculty and staff members would include: (a) the Faculty Senate representative, (b) the Professional Staff Assembly representative, and (c) an OCT Staff Assembly representative. The committee shall also include two student representatives, with one student appointed by the International Student Association, and one student, appointed by the SGA, who have demonstrated commitment to international education such as participation in a study-abroad program. (Ideally, one student would be an undergraduate and one would be a graduate student). The membership should also include two community members, appointed through the President’s Office. ex officio members (or that person’s designee) shall include the following: Director of the Crossroads Community Center, Graduate School Representative, and Capstone International Program Center, Vice President for Community Affairs, Office of International Students and Scholars, Director, English Language Institute Representative, Housing and Residential Communities representative, Undergraduate International Admissions Officer, Graduate International Admissions Officer and University Registrar. The administrative ex officio shall be non-voting members.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Executive Vice President and Provost

John Latta, Chair – Assistant Professor, Honors College 2022

Md. Sharif – College of Engineering   2023

Matthew Barnidge – Communication Studies  2023

Hyemin Han – Education 2023

Kimberly Stran – Human Environmental Sciences   2023

Lillian Findlay – College of Community Health Sciences 2023

Kimberly Gibson – Instructor, School of Social Work 2023

Mudasir Andrabi – Assistant Professor, Nursing 2024

Isabelle Drewelow – Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences 2024

Brian Fair – Professor, Law 2024

David Mothersbaugh – Associate Dean, Business 2024

Catherine Smith – Assistant Professor, University Libraries 2024

Student Members

River Samad

Graduate Student Association Representative


Faculty Senate Representative
Sushma Kotru – Associate Professor – Engineering

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Rochelle James

OCT Staff Assembly Representative
Stephanie Nixon

Community Members
Mandi Pruthi

Ex Officio Members
Matthew Kerch – Executive Director, Housing and Residential Communities
Shelley Moss – Assistant Director, International Admissions & Recruitment
Susan Carvalho- Dean, Graduate School
Ken Foshee – University Registrar, Student Records
Lane McLelland – Director, Crossroads Civic Engagement Center
Samory Pruitt – Vice President for Community Affairs
Teresa Wise – Associate Provost for International Education & Global Outreach
Amy Taylor – Interim Director, English Language Institute
Amanda Maltbie – International Graduate Admissions Officer
Charter Morris – Director, International Services
Carolina Robinson – Director, Education Abroad