DUTIES: Study library needs in view of the academic programs and advise the Provost/Academic Vice President and the Dean of Libraries on matters of general library resources, (i.e., Staffing needs in the library, service needs such as freshman library orientation, the operating budget of the library, the conditions of storage, and the means which may best integrate the library program with the research, instructional, and service activities of the institution.)

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of a maximum of six faculty and staff who are representative of broad University interests; including three individuals who represent the humanities/performing arts, social/behavioral sciences, and natural sciences/math. In addition, this committee shall consist of representatives selected by the deans from each academic division; plus two undergraduate students, two graduate students, a Faculty Senate representative, a Professional Staff Assembly representative, and an OCT Staff Assembly representative. The following shall serve in a ex officio capacity: Dean of Libraries and Dean of the Graduate School.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Executive Vice President and Provost


Steven Tedeschi, Chair – Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences 2022

Rebecca Ballard – Director of College Relations,  Education 2023

Holly Swain  – Clinical Assistant Professor, Education 2023

Kathleen Brunot – Manager of FA Grants, Compliance and Grants 2022

Levi Ross – Associate Professor, HES 2024

Igor Fedin – Assistant Professor, Arts and Sciences 2024

Academic Division Representatives
Paul Pecorino – BUS
Nelle Williams – CCHS
Ann Bourne – COMM
Robert Hayes – CS
Stephen Katsinas – ED
Steve Bunker – GS
Ransome Eke – HES
Brad Tuggle –  Honors
​Debra Nelson-Gardell – SW
Teresa Wadas – Nursing
Casey Duncan – Law
Chris Brazel – Eng
Russ McCutcheon – A&S
Vincent Scalfani – Libraries

Student Members

Amanda Allen

Alex Howard

Graduate Student Association Representative

Dalis Lampkins

Royce Dickerson

Faculty Senate Representative
Alexis Davis-Hazell – Assistant Professor, Voice

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Miranda Webster

OCT Staff Assembly Representative
Marina Klaric

Ex Officio Member
Donald Gilstrap – Dean, University Libraries
Susan Carvalho – Associate Provost & Dean, Graduate School