DUTIES: Evaluate issues of current concern to maintenance personnel and make recommendations to the Vice President for Financial Affairs regarding University policies or decisions that have a significant impact upon the conditions and quality of the total working environment for maintenance personnel, including working conditions, general support, and other provisions needed to maintain and upgrade the maintenance staff.  Refer individual and group issues to the Staff Development Committee or other appropriate committees.

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of twelve to fourteen maintenance personnel from the various categories of job classifications with representation from as many shops as possible. Committee members shall be recommended each year by the current Maintenance Personnel Committee and a liaison from the Department of Human Resources.  Recommendations are subject to the approval of the Committee on University Committees.  The Associate Vice President for Human Resources shall serve as liaison member.

REPORTING CHANNEL:  Vice President for Finance and Operations

Tony Frizell, Chair – Cabinet Maker, Building Maintenance
Latisha Mansfield – Custodian Services
Mark Bentley – Plumbing, Building Maintenance
Jeff Hoyle – Custodian Services
Tyler Capell – Painter, Building Maintenance
Kevin Rowland – Facilities and Grounds
Brian Sexton – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Scott Matherson – Building Maintenance
Cravens Belk – Coliseum Maintenance
Mark McCray – Electrical, Building Maintenance
Matt Burroughs – Elevator, Building Maintenance

Liaison Members
Nancy Whittaker –  Associate Vice President for Human Resources
Paul Wuebold – Executive Director of Facilities & Grounds