DUTIES: Responsible for recommending and documenting the broad policy guidelines affecting the six current, and any future, University Student Media.

COMPOSITION: This board shall consist of four members of the University faculty, three media professionals, and seven students appointed by the Vice President for Student Life. One faculty member each represents: the College of Communication & Information Sciences, the Department of English, the Department of History, and the Faculty Senate. One media professional representative shall have experience in the business operations of publications, one shall have editorial experience, and the final representative shall have broadcast experience. The chair of the board is appointed by the Vice President for Student Life. Included in this membership, the following shall serve in an ex-officio capacity: Senior Associate Vice President for Student Life, Director of Student Media, and other Student Media staff members. In addition, a representative from the University Office of Counsel will serve as a liaison member.

REPORTING CHANNEL:  Vice President for Student Life


Dr. Chris Roberts, Chair (C&IS)

Robin Behn (English)

Dr. Juan Ponce-Vasquez (History)

Pat Duggins (broadcast professional)

Michele Massey (business professional)

Stephen Dethrage (editorial professional)

Trinity Hunter (SGA)

Anthony Williams II (BSU)

Jaycilynn Conger (RHA)

Leah Mae Aldridge (GSA)


TBA (The Source)


Timothy Bowens (C&IS)

Faculty Senate Representative:

AJ Bauer – Assistant Professor, C&IS

Ex-Officio members:

Steven Hood, Associate Vice President for Student Life

Jessie Jones, Director of Student Media

Monique Fields, Assistant Director, Editorial

Traci Mitchell, Assistant Director, Operations

Julie Salter, Assistant Director, Advertising

Terry Siggers, WVUA-FM Adviser

Katie Thompson, UA Counsel Liaison