DUTIES: To represent the faculty as a whole in cases where merger or discontinuance could result in termination of a faculty appointment. Determine whether merger or discontinuance of an academic unit would benefit the educational mission of the University as a whole. This determination will be based essentially on educational considerations similar to those that affect the President’s decision and the recommendations by Deans and the Provost/Academic Vice President. In accordance with “Principles and Procedures for Merger or Discontinuance of Academic Units,” effective November, 1994.

COMPOSITION: The members of this committee shall consist of nine tenured faculty members who are not members of the University Mediation and Grievance Committee, with three members elected by the Faculty Senate, three elected by the Graduate Council, and three elected by the Council of Deans. No person elected by a group shall be a member of that group at the time of election, and the Council of Deans shall not elect any person who is a current member of the Council of Assistant and Associate Deans. No two of the three serving members elected by a group shall be faculty members of the same college or school (other than the Graduate School). Members completing a term on the Committee are not eligible for re-election until two years have passed. The Committee elects its own chairperson from among its members at the start of each spring semester.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Provost and Executive Vice President


Council of Deans 
Stephen Tomlinson  12/31/20
Graduate Council
Albert Pionke 12/31/22
Burcu Keskin 12/31/2020
Marcia Hay-McCutcheon 12/31/21
Faculty Senate
Sandra Nichols  12/31/2021
Geoffrey Tick 12/31/2020