DUTIES: Study, review, and recommend to the Vice President for Financial Affairs policies and practices that guide the development of the parking and transportation systems on University owned properties.

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of no more than twenty-five members, including six student representatives (one of which is a graduate student), and a representative of the Faculty Senate, a representative from the Professional Staff Assembly, and a representative from the OCT Staff Assembly.  Consideration shall be given to geographic locations on campus in selection of University membership, and Faculty-Staff balance in the Appeals Subcommittee.  In addition, the following shall serve as ex-officio members:  Director of Public Safety, Director of Parking Services, Director of Facilities Planning and Design Services, Director of University Facilities, Retired Faculty Member, City of Tuscaloosa Traffic Engineer, Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue, Director of University Facilities  and an SGA representative.

REPORTING CHANNEL:  Vice President for Finance and Operations


Matt Reynolds, Chair – Assistant Professor, Arts and Sciences 2022

Carl Hancock – Professor of Music Education 2023

Beverly Roskos – Associate Professor, Psychology 2023

John Petrovic – Professor, Education 2023

Leslie Davis – Administrative Specialist, Human Environmental Sciences 2023

Amy Hagedorn – Accomodations Specialist, ODS 2023

Rita Doughty – Evaluation Project Manager, Education 2022

Erica Shumate – Benefits and Regulatory Operations Manager, Healthcare Insurance Administration 2022

Tony Johnson – Senior Executive Director, Logistics and Support 2022

Shane Dorrill – Assistant Director of Communications, Broadcast Media and Safety Communication 2022

Jon Acker – Coordinator of Student Affairs, OIRA 2022

Cheryl Hines – Assistant Professor, Nursing 2024

Lauren Holmes – Assistant Professor, Libraries 2024

Abhay Lidbe – Associate Research Engineer, Research 2024

Clif McIntosh – Assistant Director – Student Life 2024

Faculty Senate Representative
Matthew Hudnell – Assistant Professor – Business

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Sherry Phillips

OCT Staff Assembly Representative
Heidi Benstead

Retired Faculty Representative
Betty Wedgeworth (TUARA Representative)

Graduate Student Association Representative

Miranda Rouse

Student Members

Madeline Martin

Jack Steinmetz

Helen Babb

Andrew Bregman

Preston McGee

Ex Officio Members
Ralph Clayton, Public Safety
Randy Smith, Fire Chief, Tuscaloosa Fire and Rescue Services
Chris D’Esposito – Director, Transportation Services
City of Tuscaloosa Representative
Donna McCrary, Senior Director of Facilities Operations
Jordan Smith SGA Representative (Student Ombudsperson)