Professional Staff Assembly Website

DUTIES: The purpose of the Assembly is to represent professional staff employees of The University of Alabama and shall function as an advisory and policy referral organization to the administration and to the professional staff employees of the University.  The Assembly shall function for the welfare of the University and for the employees it represents.  It shall promote social responsibility and demonstrate concern for all members of The University of Alabama, the community-at-large, and higher education, in general.  It will continually be concerned with current developments that are of interest to and would potentially affect the general welfare of the professional staff employees of the University.  The Assembly will facilitate and maintain open lines of communication with professional staff members, administration, faculty, staff, and students of The University of Alabama.

COMPOSITION: Representation on the Assembly shall be distributed proportionately relative to the number of professional staff employees in each organizational unit, provided each has at least one eligible professional staff employee.  The Assembly will consist of members elected by professional staff from each unit identified on the most current University organizational chart prior to the annual elections.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Executive Vice President and Provost

Assembly Officers
Camisha Adams – President
Ben Bickerstaff – President Elect
Dee Cook – Secretary
Alyson Baxter – Treasurer
RobertBaxter – Past President
Linda Johnson – Parliamentarian
Darrell Hargreaves ​ – Historian

Kayla Johnson  — A&S
Eve Machado  – A&S
Amy Montgomery — A&S
Kimberly Olin – A&S

Carla Malone – CCS
Lois Strachan — CCS
Jennifer Anderson — CCS
Pamela Harvey — CCS
Jennifer Humber – CCS

Lynn Heard — EDU

Brett Clark – ENG
Ashley Newsome – ENG
Rebecca Royen — ENG
Helen Smith – ENG

Matt Ander – Nursing
Jessica Aguilar – Academic Affairs
Gene Ford – Academic Affairs
Royce Garrison – Academic Affairs
Vanessa Goepel – Academic Affairs
Tywain Griffen – Academic Affairs
Ashley Hyche – Academic Affairs
Kristen Koors – Academic Affairs
Coston Perkins – Academic Affairs
Ashley Brooke Persons – Academic Affairs
Jeremy Reid – Academic Affairs
Brook Shirley – Academic Affairs
Trang Nguyen – Academic Affairs

Alyson Baxter — Financial Affairs
Heather Clayton – Financial Affairs
Katie Askew – Financial Affairs
Pamela Cabiness – financial Affairs
Bernadette Chavira-Trull – Financial Affairs
LeAnn Cooper – Financial Affairs
Christopher Davis — Financial Affairs
Holly Grof – Financial Affairs
Dennice Hillard — Financial Affairs
James Knickrehm – Financial Affairs
DeMon Patrick – Financial Affairs
Keith Sims – Financial Affairs
Erica Williams – Financial Affairs
Daphne Wright – Financial Affairs

Neil Adams – C&IS
Elva Bradley – C&ISfsFSFSF
Steve Diorio – C&IS

Angela Hunter – CCHS
Nikki Bishop – CCHS

Kerry Brothers – HES
Carmen Kelly – HES
Trevor Rowe – HES

Julie Griffith – Law
Thomas Ksobiech – Law

Matt Ander – Nursing

Amanda Dobbins – Social Work

Johnny Hanna – Intercollegiate Athletics
Jared Jaudon– Intercollegiate Athletics
Joe Suiter — Intercollegiate Athletics
Todd Bell — Intercollegiate Athletics
Lindsey Jones — Intercollegiate Athletics
Michelle Diltz — Intercollegiate Athletics
Stevee Fisher — Intercollegiate Athletics
Lauren George — Intercollegiate Athletics
Meaghan Hall — Intercollegiate Athletics
James Knickrehm — Intercollegiate Athletics
Shanna McIntosh — Intercollegiate Athletics
Tammy Hudson — Intercollegiate Athletics

Ashlie Bowman – Advancement
Mary Margaret Hixon – Advancement
Angela Jewell – Advancement

Susan Dendy — Honors

Heather Hubbard — Human Resources

Dee Cook — Community Affairs

Shane Dorrill –  Strategic Communications
Hughey Lindsey – Strategic Communications

Jolyon Greene – Student Life
Christy Moody – Student Life
Jackie Northrup – Student Life
Vaishali Patel – Student Life
Mollie Tinney – Student Life
Amelia Brock – Student Life
Dana Williams – Student Life
Jared Pacileo – Student Life
Chris Lee – Student Life

Patrick Fuller – Graduate School

Joe Kelley – Office for the President

Vacant – Office of Public Safety

Bob Pucko – Libraries

Toria Lee – Office for Research
Ed Shirley – Office for Research
Ben Bickerstaff – Office for Research

 *At Large Members
At Large members are selected to fill slots left vacant in the departments noted above.