DUTIES: Provide advice to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development on the use of University funds available for individual faculty research, with specific responsibility for policy relating to the application and grants award process.  The committee will receive and evaluate grant applications, make recommendations concerning RGC grant awards, and administer such grants and any intellectual property associated with them.

COMPOSITION: The Research Grants Committee will include three subcommittees:  Physical and Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering; Social and Behavioral Sciences; and Arts and Humanities.  Faculty from the ranks of professor or associate professor and, in special circumstances, assistant professor are appointed by the Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs to serve three-year terms.  The Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs appoints a committee chairperson from the faculty group and chairpersons for the three area sub–committees.  The committee chair and the subcommittee chairpersons will serve as a steering committee.  Provision is made for the following representation:

Area A: Physical and Biological Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering
Arts and Sciences 4
Engineering 3
Human Environmental Sciences 1
Education 1
College of Community Health Sciences 1

Area B: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arts and Sciences 2
Commerce and Business Administration 2
Education 2
Communication 1
Human Environmental Sciences 1
Community Health Sciences 1
Nursing 1
Social Work 1

Area C: Arts and Humanities

Arts and Sciences 5
Law 1
Communication 1
Education 1In addition, the Library will have one member.  The subcommittee appointment will vary, depending on the representative.

A Faculty Senate Representative will be included in the membership.

The following shall serve as liaisons:  The Vice President for Research and Economic Development; the Assistant Academic Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School; the Director of Sponsored Programs; a representative from the Office of University Counsel.

Reporting Channel: Vice President for Research and Economic Development


Area A Members: Physical and Biological Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering (11)

Chair: Laura Myers, Center for Advanced Public Safety

Arts and Sciences (4)
Matt LaFevor, Geography 2021
Gary Mankey, Physics and Astronomy 2024
Stephen Secor, Biology 2021
​Paul Rupar, Chemistry 2022

Engineering (3)
Dawen Li, Electrical and Computer Engineering 2024
Steve Shepard, Mechanical Engineering 2021
Glenn Tootle, Civil Construction Eng 2022

Human Environmental Sciences (1)
Lingyan Kong 2022

Education (1)
Michael Fedewa, Kinesiology 2022

College of Community Health Sciences (1)
Raheem Paxton, Community Medicine and Population Health 2021

Area B Members: Social and Behavioral Sciences (10)

Arts and Sciences (2)
Alexa Tullett, Psychology 2020
Sonya Pritzker, Anthropology 2020

Commerce and Business Administration (2)
Thomas English, Management 2021
Dwight Lewis, Management 2022

Education (2)
George Mygoya, Ed. Research 2022
Jingping Sun, Ed Leadership, Policy and Tech. Studies 2024

Communication (1)
Eyun Jung Ki, Advertising and Public Relations 2022

Human Environmental Sciences (1)
Deborah Caspper, HES Dean’s Office 2024

Community Health Sciences (1)
Randi Henderson, Community Health Sciences 2024

Nursing (1)
Robin Bartlett, Nursing 2024

Social Work (1)
Hee Lee 2024

Libraries (1)
Vincent Scalfani, Univ Libraries 2021

Area C Members: Arts and Humanities (8)

Chair: Tricia McElroy, Associate Dean, Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences (5)
David Ainsworth, English 2022
Lawrence Jackson, Theatre and Dance 2022
Janek Wasserman, History 2024
Isabelle Drewelow, Modern Languages and Classics 2024
Cassander Smith, English 2021

Law (1)
Alan Durham, School of Law 2021

Communication (1)
Elliot Panek, Journalism and Creative Media 2024

Education (1)
Cory Callahan, Curriculum & Instruction, Chair 2024

Faculty Senate Representative
Adam Knowlden, Associate Professor, Engineering

Liaison Members
Susan Carvalho; Dean, Graduate School
Jennifer Camp, Assist. VP and Director of Sponsored Programs
Samory Pruitt, VP for Community Affairs
Mike Spearing, Office of Counsel
Russell Mumper, VP for Research and Econ Dev.