DUTIES: Advise the University administration, especially the offices of student life and public safety, concerning issues which have an impact on the quality of student life and the social character, and the development of students.

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of eleven faculty/staff persons:  four faculty members, a Faculty Senate representative, a Professional Staff Assembly representative, an OCT Staff Assembly representative, and four staff members; 10 student members and eight liaison members.  Student members shall include a student co-chair appointed by VPSA, an SLC representative, an International Student Association representative, a Spectrum representative, an Association of Residential Communities (ARC) representative, a SOURCE board representative, the Graduate Student Association President, the Student Government Association VPSA, the Black Student Union President, and a Coordinating Council of Honor Societies representative.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Vice President for Student Life


Ann Ladyem McDivitt, Chair – Assistant Professor, Libraries 2024

Ryan Earley – Associate Professor, Biological Sciences 2023

Kristin Patridge – Director, University Dining Services 2022

Sherron Wilkes – Instructor, Social Work 2022

Apsilah Millsaps – Career Consultant, Career Center 2022

Wendy McMillian – Registrar, Arts and Sciences 2024

Alvon Reed – Assistant Professor, Arts and Sciences 2024

Alyssa Stephens – Academic Advisor, CIS 2024

Faculty Senate Representative
Jennifer Dempsey – Instructor, Business

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Adam Fowler

OCT Staff Assembly Representative
Ginnifer Carnethon

Graduate Student Association Representative

Quin Kelly

Student Members TBA
Co-chair – Jack Steinmetz

International Student Association – River Samad

Spectrum – Ray Arndorfer

RA – Coleman Caddell

SOURCE -Colby Lewis

SGA – Jack Steinmetz

Black Student Union – Amber Todd

Honors Societies – Royce Dickerson

Ex Officio
John Lovett – Office of Student Conduct
Kat Gillan – Director of Greek Affairs
Stacy Jones – Interim Dean of Students
Delynne Wilcox – Coordinator, Student Health Center
Laura Sanders – Director, Housing and Residential Communities
Vonda Collins – Sergeant, UAPD