DUTIES: Advise the Vice President, Division of Student Life, on all policies affecting health and health care delivery for students and make recommendations regarding the operating policies, procedures, and support for the Student Health Center and Pharmacy.​

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of no more than twenty members including six to eight faculty and staff; five student representatives, at least one must be a graduate student; a divisional registrar; one Faculty Senate representative; one Professional Staff Assembly representative; and one OCT Staff Assembly representative. One faculty/staff person and one student representative will serve as co-chairs of this committee.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Vice President, Division of Student Life


Meridith Rice – Instructor, Nursing  2021

Vanessa Goepel – Director, Office of Disability Services  2021

​Joy Bradley – Assistant Professor, CCHS 2023

Karen Salekin – Associate Professor, Psychology  2021

Thomas Weida – Associate Dean, Family Medicine 2021

Heather Carmack – Associate Professor, Communications and Information Sciences 2022

Student Members

Jillian Fields

Shea Amanda McGriff

Mary Beth Sanders

Matthew Roy

Graduate Student Association Representative

Kandyce Dunlap

Faculty Senate Representative
Jeri Zemke, Assistant Professor, Athletic Training

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Brian Jones

OCT Staff Assembly Representative
Sonia Potter

Ex Officio Members
Susan Carvalho – Associate Provost & Dean, Graduate School
Steven Hood – Interim Executive Director Student Health Center