DUTIES: Evaluate, promote, and implement the use of technology in the teaching and learning process for students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

COMPOSITION: Every college Dean shall appoint at least two representatives, one faculty member and an instructional technology support person.  In addition, there shall be representation from the University Libraries, the Center for Instructional Technology, the Office of Disability Services, University Supply Store, Office of Institutional Research & Assessment, the Faculty Senate, and Enrollment Management-Testing and Technology Support Services.

REPORTING CHANNEL: Provost, through Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer


Rachel Thompson, Chair – ETA/CIT

John Baker – C&BA

Kevin Besnoy – Education

Heather Carter-Templeton – Nursing

D. Jay Cervino – OIT

Bernadette Chavira-Trull – SUPe Store

Edward Corrado – UA Libraries

Randy DeCelle – A&S

Boyd Drewelow – CCS

Rick Dowling – FRC/CIT

Greg Goldstein – C&IS

Craig Graves – HES

Melissa Green – UA Libraries

Allan Guenther – CCS

Michelle Hale – CHES

Anwarul Haque – ENG

George Hawley – A&S

Charlotte Herrin – Social Work

Nancy Holmes – Honors

Lawrence Hill – Engineering

Heather Hubbard – Human Resources

Burcu Keskin – C&BA

Nathan Loewen – A&S

Steven MacCall – CIS

Josh Michael – CCS

Jason Phillips – OIRA

Ruth Poinke – A&S

Daniel Powell – Law

Andrew Richardson – CCS

Jennifer Roth-Burnette – CCS

Marilyn Staffo

Tracie Sellers – EDU

Karen Silliman – Nursing

Darren Surman – Honors

Chris Vargo – C&IS

​Jo Weaver – A&S

Kathleen Welker – Social Work

Faculty Senate Representative
Andrea Wright – Associate Professor, CCHS

Liaison Members
Ivon Foster-McGowan – Asst to Provost for Special Projects
Marion Stevens – Asst Tech Specialist, ODS
Teri Terry – Dir of Tech Support Services, Enrollment Management
John McGowan – CIO, Office of Information Technology