DUTIES: Advise the Director of University Recreation and the Vice President for Student Affairs regarding the programmatic issues of Recreational Sports, Recreation Services, and the operations of the University Aquatic Center and the Student Recreation Center.  Provide specific advisory guidance with respect to the development and coordination of facility expansion planning and review, membership fees and policy and procedures of each of the programmatic elements of University recreation.

COMPOSITION: This committee shall consist of no more than eighteen members, including at least six representatives from the faculty and staff, five student representatives, a member from the Faculty Senate, a Professional Staff Assembly representative, and an OCT Staff Assembly representative.  In addition, the following shall serve as a ex officio member:  Director, University Recreation; Director, Tuscaloosa P.A.R.A., or their representatives; Manager of Wellness and Work Life and one community representative will be included.  One faculty/staff person and one student representative will serve as co-chairs of this committee.

REPORTING CHANNEL:  Vice President for Student Life

Mangala Krishnamurthy, Chair – Rogers Library  2021

Ashley Broughton – Administrative Secretary, College of Community Health Sciences  2023

Martha Makowski – Assistant Professor, Mathematics 2023

Keri Barron – Assistant Professor, Nursing 2023

Isabelle Drewelow – Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Classics  2021

Heather White – Professor, Arts and Sciences 2022

Faculty Senate Representative
Silas Blackstock, Professor, Arts and Sciences

Professional Staff Assembly Representative
Liz Moore

OCT Staff Assembly Representative
Vera Johnson

Graduate Student Association Representative

​Elizabeth Macneil

Student Members

Sam Rickert

Phil Bruni

Reid Hunt

Natalie Conlon

Jillian Fields

Community Representative
Barry Lawrence

Ex Officio Members
Andre Love – Executive Director, University Recreation
Gary Minor – Director, PARA
Carolyn MacVicar – Manager of Wellness and Work Life